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The 32 County Irish Slang Book

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There are 32 chapters in the book each dedicated to the unique slang of the counties of Ireland. The cover of the book lists the nicknames of the various counties of Ireland and at the start of each chapter there is a short summary listing county song, colours, funny place names and a bit of prose about the county in question for the craic.

At the start of the book is a general guide to the common Irish slang words used for people abroad who wish to take a crash course in Irish slang before getting into the nitty gritty details of each county.

The book is suitable for Irish people who wish to have a bit of a laugh with their own slang and discover how people in the other counties speak (especially useful as a translator at GAA matches). It is also suitable for non-irish or people who wish to learn more about how Irish people talk on a day to day basis

The book was put together by Slang author, Cian Foley, the founder of and was created from the best slang posted to as voted for by the people. By supporting this book you are supporting a small Irish business and help fund the future operation of

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"Begone the Guardian Book of English Language and get your laughing gear around this fair focal of fun. You could be blue mouldy in Carlow for want of Chutties in Donegal. Or be mental in Monaghan where a man is a Horsebox, Clatty is dirty and no doubt daytrippers still sing Stop the bus we ant a wee-wee. And you could puzzle a Langer in Cork between a Bazz and a right Fla (a good looking person)."

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"Some County Limerick slang is also included in the book with "Zero Zero L.A." offered as one of the ways some locals prefer to describe the town of Oola. The tendency of Limerick residents to use the word "some" when wishing to put substantial emphasis on something is also mentioned in the new book, with: "You're some mog," and "She's some Honda Civic," given as examples of its use. ."

- Read Full Limerick Leader Review

For Focal Sake also featured on Ryan Tubridy's Show on RTE Radio.

- Reference to 2FM Show

Book Details: For Focal Sake A 32 County Guide to Irish Slang, 152 pages, Paperback.
ISBN: 978-0-9554755-2-8

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